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We use the latest valeting technology, including the Aromatek deodoriser machine which is a permanent solution to lingering odours such as pet or tobacco smells. We also use snow foam mousse to pre-wash vehicles which acts like a sponge, drawing the dirt into the foam before pulling it gently down the vehicle surface which helps to eliminate the chances of scratching the vehicle during the wash process.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and are sure that you will agree after using us to valet your vehicle.
We have a Facebook page, Mirror Finish Valets Ltd for current news, information etc.

We sell Gift vouchers for all of our services. Please telephone, text or email for more information.

Payments can be made by cash, card payment, cheque or bank transfer.

Insurance Cover

For peace of mind, we have a professional car valeters insurance policy in place to cover any unlikely damage to vehicles and we also have public liability insurance.



Superior Car Solutions

Silver Seal Total Car Protection Pack

The condition of a car’s paintwork has a direct link to it’s value. Silver Seal is a guaranteed protectant for paintwork and upholstery, which protects and adds value.

How was it developed? Silver Seal is exclusively researched, manufactured, distributed and guaranteed by Autosmart International. Silver Seal was extensively tested in Scandinavia, where the weather plays a huge part in paintwork deterioration. Silver Seal Paint Protector contains fluorocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft.

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Sports Cars


Classic Cars

For owners of classic or collectable cars you can be sure that your cherished vehicle will be treated with the utmost care and in safe hands. We use top quality products to ensure that we give your vehicle the finish it deserves and can tailor a valet to your requirements if our normal services do not fit your needs.


Interior Cleaning

It’s really important to use the right products for cleaning the inside of vehicles and we have a great choice of professional products for all different types of interiors.


Baby Car Seats

Sometimes after finishing a valet we have these beautiful clean cars and we have to put back grubby/dirty baby car seats. As an alternative to having to remove fiddly covers to wash and dry we now offer an extra service where we will clean your child’s car seat as an additional option when you have any of our car valets.


Just ask for this service when booking in your car it only costs £10 extra per item.


Odour Removal

Mirror Finish Valets Ltd use the AUTOSMART AROMATEK SYSTEM to permanently remove unwanted odours from your car. The Aromtek eliminates odours and does not mask them. It works by using dry vapour to fill your vehicle with an invisible fog, the advantage to this is that it enables us to neutralise any odours that we cannot physically reach, including the air vent system. The Aromatek uses a blend of 32 natural essential oils designed to chemically neutralise and eliminate odours such as those from tobacco smoke, pets and food. The vapour penetrates deeply into all porous surfaces offering a permanent solution and because it’s a dry vapour won’t leave your vehicle wet and won’t damage any trim or delicate surfaces.

Price from £35.00

 * It is advisable this treatment is used in conjunction with our full interior valet.


Vehicle Engine

The Engine Bay deserves just as much, if not more, attention. Oil, grease and dirt will build up on and around the engine components.

You can help these parts continue to work efficiently for longer by cleaning and maintaining these components.

A clean engine bay can add hundreds of pounds to your resale value.



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